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What is Leaders Cafe?

Leaders Cafe is a social enterprise that provides worldclass leadership learning for a modest and affordable investment.

Our social purpose is to help 20 million people by 2020 to get access to this worldclass leadership learning.  We help people to Imaging Better. Create Better. Lead Better.

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What makes us worldclass?

Manchester Business School Alumni & British Council staff recommendations.


Alvaro Plaza Ugalde's recommendation.  More recommendations ...

 How much will you need to invest?




Your investment is £39.95 (equivalent to about US$65) per year to become a Premium Learner.  There is NOTHING ELSE TO PAY for you to access our worldclass leadership learning.

In fact, your Premier Learner account is topped up with an initial £100 of credit when you join. With our webinars costing just £1.00 for Premium Learners, this means you can access 100 of our worldclass webinars for one single payment of £39.95 for a Premium Learner membership.

What do I get as a Premium Learner?

How can you provide worldclass leadership learning at such low cost?




Become an Associate Learner.  It's FREE!

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Access 100 webinars for just £39.95 when you upgrade to a Premium Learner.

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Three redundant store managers got a job within 1 month of using this FREE, no catch, CV Builder service highly.  More......  

 We don't ask for payment or your credit cards details at any stage.  We just ask you to become an Associate Learner - which is also entirely free.
eBooks FREE

Become an Associate Learner and get 7 free ebooks that will change the way you lead forever.  They are free to download in our members-only FAB FREE STUFF page.

  1. The Nanoseond Networlder: Change lives forever through connections.
  2. 52 Actions of The Wise.  We become what we focus on.
  3. Engaging For Success: Enhancing performance through employee engagement
  4. Secret Messages: How your inner voice might be holding you back and what to do about it
  5. Practical Decision Making: The techniques described here will help you make a
    decision, even if it is to not make a decision.
  6. Our World of Interconnectedness.
  7. Effective Networking Skills: How to guarantee the LIKE in 'Know, Like, Trust'